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Bilingual Kids Foreign Language Enrichment Program gives children the opportunity to learn a foreign language at the developmental periods in their lives when language is most effortlessly acquired. Research shows that from birth to approximately 12 years of age, there is a great deal of neurogenesis, or “pathway development,” taking place in a child’s brain. When a child is exposed to the sounds of a second language, the brain will grow connections that make a new language easier to learn.

The program is dedicated to ensure that each and every child learns a foreign language from a native language teacher in a fun and engaging environment incorporating visuals, gestures, music, body movements, games, literature, and crafts!

For information on how to get your child enrolled and what local San Diego Elementary schools have the program, click on “Schedule” and “Registration” above.


Bilingual Kids Foreign Language Enrichment Programs, Camps, and Tutoring in Spanish & Mandarin located in San Diego, California

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Family classes will resume

in January at El Centro Cultural de la Raza. Click here to join your child in Spanish immersion!

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